Krisanu Saha securing a spot in PROMYS India

🌟 Heartiest congratulations to Krisanu Saha of XII, B for securing a coveted spot in PROMYS India, a prestigious program in Mathematics for young scientists by IISc Bangalore in collaboration with Boston University! 🎉 Krisanu’s selection among 25 students nationwide, based on solving 8 challenging research problems, is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. Wishing Krisanu continued success in his mathematical journey! 🏆🧮
*** We love to share the acknowledgement he received from PROMYS, India ***

Dear Krisanu,

It gives us great pleasure to offer you a place in PROMYS India 2024. We were very impressed by your work on the application problems, the strong recommendation of your mathematics teacher, and the insights gained from your responses on the application. We received a very large number of applications from extremely talented young mathematicians from across India and are delighted to have selected you to join us at PROMYS India this summer.

As a first-year PROMYS India participant, you will join approximately 25 other first-year students in an intensive effort to solve a large assortment of unusually challenging problems in number theory. The problems are designed to give you an opportunity to practice the art of mathematical investigation – numerical exploration, formulation and critique of conjectures, and techniques of proof and generalization. You should expect to devote almost all of your time each day to working on these problems.

To help you with your work, several sources of aid will be provided. The problem sets will be accompanied by a daily number theory lecture from 9:00 to 10:30 AM which all first-year participants are required to attend. In addition to support from faculty members, a mathematically talented staff of undergraduate counsellors will live with you on the campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and will be readily available to discuss mathematics.

The counsellors are selected on the basis of their excellent academic credentials and demonstrated commitment to the pursuit of mathematical ideas. They come to us from major universities like Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and IISc. You will want to interact with all of them, but you will also be assigned your own personal counsellor who will give you written comments on your work at the end of each day. You will also receive support from the returning students and junior counsellors who, like many of the counsellors, are experienced PROMYS participants.

In addition to your focus on the daily number theory problems, you may choose to be a member of a first-year exploration lab that will investigate a “research problem” related to the problem sets and will meet two to three times per week with a professional mathematician to discuss your progress. You will then have an opportunity to present your work to the PROMYS India community at the end of the programme.

Each week, there will be a guest lecture presented by an eminent visiting mathematician. These lectures will cover research topics from both academics and industry and will help you obtain a view of career options both in and out of academia. These visiting scientists often join the programme for dinner and participate in our weekly social gatherings, so that there will be opportunities for you to meet them personally.

First-year participants generally find that the number theory problem sets are more than enough to occupy their time. But you may also choose to participate in the advanced seminars. Although these seminars are intended for the more experienced returning students and are not usually recommended for first-year participants, you are welcome to take a look at them and join them if you like.

PROMYS India begins on 5 May and ends on 15 June, 2024. The programme aims to create an active and cohesive intellectual community in which students are immersed in challenging mathematics. We therefore require all participants to make a full commitment to PROMYS India and to not plan any trips or engage in other projects for the entire six-week duration of the programme. If this would present major difficulties for you, please email us to discuss.

Your tuition, hostel and meal fees will all be covered thanks to funding from our sponsors. There will be no cost for any of the scheduled programme activities including any field trips. There are no required books. If you applied for need-based funding for approved travel and laundry expenses, you will receive a separate email to notify you of any funding you may have been awarded. Please let us know if you have any financial questions or concerns.

To ensure your place in PROMYS India 2024, please submit the Student Agreement Form HERE by 1st April. Places at PROMYS India are much sought after, so please submit the form as soon as possible to let us know if you are accepting or declining your place. Email us at if you would like a few additional days to make your decision or if you or your parents have any questions or concerns.

If you decide to accept your place in PROMYS India 2024, we will then send you additional information about the programme.

We very much hope you will choose to join us this summer for a challenging mathematical experience at PROMYS India.

Best wishes,

Professor Ila Varma, Director of PROMYS India

Professor Aditya Karnataki, Associate Director of PROMYS India


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